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Guaranteed Facebook Likes


If a FB like is worth $175, and we give you 200 for $400, that alone translates to a $35,000 value.  Ok let's not get carried away, but the ability to continue to market to our families and extended network is certainly worth more than the sponsorship alone.



Social Media Exposure that never expires. Not everyone can give dollars to support the new program, but many will be able to support the local businesses that do.  Any company sponsoring players will have a guaranteed number of Facebook page likes for their company delivered by the close of the season.  In an advertising era where views are just as important as clicks, and web traffic is as important as foot traffic, we deliver our sponsors the ability to continuously message their neighbors as social media followers. 

As part of our agreement with our parents we have asked them to take the time to LIKE all of the businesses who have been kind enough to support us.  This includes not only the parents of the children who are in our youth program, but also the parents at the high school levels as well.  This provides our sponsors with the ability to continuously message our families moving forward.  Add to this the fact we will be collecting thousands of email addresses and FB likes when we canvass 15,000 homes this fall and we believe this presents a fantastic marketing/advertising opportunity for our local businesses!

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West Albany Pocket Park (08:11 AM | 09/19/17)

Open Open

Field 1 (08:11 AM | 09/19/17)

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Buekendall Field (08:24 AM | 09/19/17)

Open Open

Buekendall Field (08:31 AM | 09/19/17)